American Work Ethic: Missing in Action?

We can't continue to be passive as our systems crumble around our feet. Bad things happen when the canaries in the mine start chirping.  

Boeing, Airbus, and other worldwide aviation companies have execution issues at all levels. Daher, a French aviation company’s CEO Didier Kayat said at a recent press conference:

"After COVID-19, where has the workforce gone?  In the future, economic historians may explain what happened.  We see behavioral changes, a new relationship to the concept of work." 

Graphic: Crew with logs for construction of Alaska Central Railroad, Camp Johnston, September 17, 1905.

Evans and Anderson, Wikimedia Public Domain.  

There is a shortage of qualified people willing to work everywhere. Dedication to the concept of work, the commitment employees are willing to give, and the sacrifices we all used to take for granted can no longer be assumed. The consequences are monumental:

  1. Safety is compromised
  2. Our standing in the world is deteriorating vs. countries that don't seem to have our "lazy" genes.
  3. Our military can't find enough qualified candidates to serve.  
  4. Our limitations are dictating our choices.  
  5. Attacks on our historical anchors of success threaten our existence.
  6. We are handing the means to destroy us to our economic, military, and political enemies. 

Problems can be seen everywhere: Dozens are injured after a Boeing jet has a mechanical problemA tire falls off a Boeing 777. The door plug comes off in flight on a Boeing 737-9 Max. A Boeing 737 Max 8 runs off the runway in Texas. A United flight en route to Florida from Houston made an emergency landing after flames erupted from its left engine. Other examples occur on a near-daily basis.  

The issue is systemic. Airline and aircraft maintenance organization executives make that clear:

  • Triumph Chairman Daniel Crowley says, "The problem is a change in the workforce makeup—and we certainly have that coming out of the pandemic, where companies like Spirit AeroSystems and Boeing and others have had a large influx of new employees."
  • Boeing Senior Vice President Ihssane Mounir says, "The airplane is the teller of truth."
  • Boeing's Doug Ackerman said, "OEM studies for production defects are not finding any new failures that need new fixes. Rather, it carries out long-established details that confound new employees and contractors."

What allows people to treat work so cavalierly today? What's happened to starting at the bottom and working your way up? Why are the traditions of starting a family and buying a house a low priority today? The answers are of paramount importance to us all.  

Every generation goes through the same cycles:

  • Childlike
  • Maturing
  • Self-sustaining
  • Peaking
  • Retirement

Something has interrupted those cycles necessary to maintain our established systems and provide for the next generation. Although it would be easy to blame the nonsensical decisions made due to COVID four years ago, COVID was nothing more than an event that accelerated changes already underway. They started during the Clinton years. 

Are DEI initiatives at the root of all this? A dear friend provided her answer:

"You know, Allan, the first time I heard the phrase 'Politically correct' or incorrect - whichever was used as satire.  People laughed and thought it was a funny expression.  I, however, having come from a communist upbringing, instantly knew it was what we should call censorship.  And it has gotten worse by the minute.  And no matter how many clever words like woke and the like are devised to express and name what "the other side" is thinking or doing, the accurate word is Communism.  It is here; it is everywhere.  The end of capitalism is now in place, and it will take generations before it can be recovered.  I know.  I have lived it.  America still does not believe that it is happening to us, this country, our home.  America is still naive and trusting, and everyone is taking advantage of her.  I am sad." 

The Marxists, Communists and Destroyers have taken over our world, undermining our foundations to the point Biden had to back down from referring to a killer as "illegal." Today's Newspeak requires them to be called undocumented or newcomer. Sadly, Biden still couldn't say Laken Riley's name correctly; he has different priorities. 

New York City admits recidivism is the problem. Last year, the NYPD released a study that showed that just 327 people were responsible for 30% of all shoplifting arrests in NYC in 2022. The study also showed that 67% of defendants released under bail reform, who had a prior violent felony arrest in the previous year, were rearrested within two years of their arraignment. Almost half — 49% — were rearrested for a felon. Ditto for Chicago, San Francisco and other Blue Cities with similar laws.  

We have a legal way for asylum seekers to enter our country. We have 328 Ports of Entry where they can legally claim asylum. Yet almost none go to a Port of Entry in favor of illegally entering our country. Whatever happened to consequences?  

The solution? Guard the border with force. This may seem harsh, but either use a legal pathway or risk being shot at the border. With such a policy, how long would it take to regain control of our borders? Repeat criminals? Put them in jail and throw away the key. Deport those with minor infractions back to their countries of origin because they demonstrate indifference to our laws. America cannot be the dumping ground for the world. 

America is a nation based on law and civil cohesiveness. When we started waving the white flag in 2011, when the Occupy Wall Street movement commenced, we began to send the message that we wouldn't fight back. Now we're paying a dear price for those choices.  

Our best America requires we be actualized, not missing in action. We must not be silent about the downward spiral we see around us! We must expect and even require the best of everyone, subsidizing only the most needy.

We must do better. 

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