Call it the 'Autocratic' Party

There was a time when the Democrat party purported to represent the American middle and working classes, to embody compassion for the poor and the blue-collar laborer, acting as a force fighting against the rich, the hubristic employer, the corporate elites, and the inequalities afflicting Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American citizens. The party was perceived as the defender of democracy and the gatekeeper of civil liberties. It battled against big government and its intrusion into the lives of common citizens who fought each day for a civil and safe existence.

The narrative worked well. The Democrat party was viewed as the “people’s party” where the will of the electorate was the linchpin that controlled the government. The Republican party was viewed as the “evil elites” that wanted to make the people subservient to government demands and assert the same power that the British demonstrated over the American colonists. Due to the ability of the Democrats to market their narrative and to the weakness of the Republicans to counter that narrative, the Democrat party took hold and was successful in controlling Congress and the White House with only a few exceptions. The Democrats began to steer the country in their own direction with a forceful narrative in their sails.

Beginning in the early years of the 20th century, the narrative of the Democrat party began to subtly change. Actions by Democrat administrations began to alter and transform civil liberties and individual freedoms. Government intervention into daily lives and accepted norms began to appear. Protections for all began to change to protections for some. Security for the homeland began to change to security for neighbors and foreign allies. What appeared to be thoughtful and responsible regulations actually became restrictions benefiting only those that could afford it.

The ”Fear of the Unknown” was a tool that was used effectively as a control mechanism to increase the power of Democrat leaders over all aspects of society, both foreign and domestic. America was led into WWI by Woodrow Wilson, WWII by FDR, Vietnam by JFK and LBJ. (Japan’s attack was a war of retaliation as was the war in Iraq). Assisting and supporting our allies out of compassion and fear was prioritized over the stability and security of our nation. Democrat leaders became international power brokers, patron saints of the U.S. defense industry, and policemen of world peace. With this increased power, Democrats began to intrude more and more on protected American freedoms.

The “New Deal” created by FDR and the “Great Society” created by LBJ were programs developed to combat serious societal problems. FDR’s vision and efforts to pull this country out of the Great Depression were admirable as were LBJ’s vision and efforts to stem  poverty and racism. Many of the policies, laws and regulations had produced positive results and were designed for specific purposes.

Unfortunately, they further empowered government controls over the freedoms of Americans. Democrat administrations and government bureaucrats took advantage of the opportunity to increase the power-grab by expanding programs, amending laws, keeping policies that had out lived their usefulness, and creating new laws that tightened the grip on society’s functions. This new shift in the party’s narrative was quite simple: write a new law or create a new executive order that appears to show either compassion or the fear of the unknown. Create a new bureaucracy to administer and control and demand more taxes to pay for it. More rules and regulations = more money and more power.

President Obama continued the fear and compassion incantation and boosted it with racism. The constitutional guarantee of “equality” was changed to “equity.” All the gains that this country made improving race relations and equal opportunity were not good enough for Obama. He used race as a bludgeon and equity as a solution to repress those that were successful through capitalist means by labeling them as racist and uncompassionate dregs. He professed a disdain for the country that he led and worked diligently to undermine our status in the world. He began the turn towards socialism with every policy, executive order, and spending bill that he could devise. He had the power of the office, the Congress, the educators, and the media. His efforts were not in the support of democracy, but in support of socialism and the dismantling of White power.

Due to constitutional law, Obama could not run for a third term. He wanted to pass the torch to Hillary Clinton but hit a bump in the road with Trump. Now we have his surrogate Biden in office and the socialist snowball continues to pick up speed.

The fear of the unknown and the compassion hymn are furthering the path to one-party rule. Under Biden, this country has been subjected to pandemic shutdowns and hatred for the unvaccinated, yet he continues to support and fund “gain of function” research on viruses. He has abused the concept of unifying the country to increase political polarization, weaponize government agencies to combat individual freedoms of speech and religion, and used fear of climate change to diminish the economy.

Political opponents such as RFK Jr. have been undercut by the party. He has been denied Secret Service protection at least three times. The Democrat party decided not to allow any debates against Biden. They are attempting to destroy Trump through a two-tier justice system. Essentially, the gloves are off. They will not be denied.

The lust for power within the Democrat party is absolute. Democracy is being replaced. Call it socialism or Marxism, call it globalism or autocracy. Whatever it is, it isn’t democracy.

The name “Autocratic Party” fits. If the name fits, wear it.

For the many long-time Democrats in this country who actually know and believe what democracy is, I have empathy.

This is the time where you need to realize what has happened to your party and decide that this party is no longer you. The alternative choices might not be what attracts you but they are better than the “Autocratic Party” that you have inherited.

Ben Madison is a retired small businessman and an independent observer of national and world events. As a student of history, he is a conservative voice for middle-class Americans who live their lives under the guidelines of constitutional freedoms, ethics, morality, and Christian values.

Image: DNC

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