Dems: Roads, Trees, Dogs, Cameras, and the Outdoors are Racist

Per recent polls, former President Trump is garnering more support from traditional Democrat constituencies. One way Dems are desperately trying to cement their cobbled coalition is by fostering race-based jealousy and disillusionment. Their dispiriting message of systemic racism now includes roads, trees, animate dogs, inanimate dogs, cameras, and the great outdoors.

Who would’ve known that roads are racist?

The Department of Transportation sees everything through the prism of racial equity. It issued the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS), which emphasizes a Safe System approach. The DoT’s strategy “seeks a better understanding of the intersection of equity and roadway safety, and a comprehensive approach to incorporating equity into all of the Department’s efforts to achieve zero roadway fatalities and serious injuries.”

That’s important because the roads in places like in Milwaukee are racist. That’s why Biden recently went to the battleground state -- to pander and promote a multi-million dollar project to redo some of the racist streets. But how about this: in addition to reengineering racist roads, allow law enforcement to pursue fleeing criminals? That ought to curb reverse road racism, which benefits minority groups disproportionately.

Miraculously in Seattle, the roads are not only racist but “self-enforcing.” To stymie abysmal traffic safety trends, they devilishly devised a plan worthy of leftist nutcases: “Peer agencies are moving away from enforcement as a leading strategy, pointing instead to a safe systems model and designing roads to be ‘self-enforcing.’” [Emphasis added]

Perhaps it is not the streets in Seattle that are racist. Consider that Seattle city councilmember Tammy Morales viewed street safety through a racist prism when blabbering this nonsense, “I don’t think any of us want police involved in traffic stops.” No, she’d rather they self-enforce.

Who would have known that trees are racist?

Malcontents determined to find racism everywhere have discovered there’s tree inequality in America. Somehow, I don’t think planting more trees in the hood will soothe the souls of thugs out for mayhem. If anything, it may just give them an extra place to hide.

Is there an inequitable distribution of trees based on race, or do they just thrive more in leafy suburban communities? Communities where they are nurtured; where they are free of graffiti and wounds from stray bullets. Communities, by the way, where homeownership for people of color is up, though divisive Dems would never harken on such positivity.

Who would  have known dogs are racist?

Research results are often untrustworthy (not reproducible) as they veer away from null results that don’t justify social activist warriors’ efforts. Nevertheless, some social science busybodies have investigated whether dogs are racist, of all things. Members of the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois Springfield claim that a dog will inherit the disposition of its owner. It’s like prejudice is transferred through osmosis from master to dog. Who pays these academics?

I just hope that when the homeowner of color takes his racist dog for a walk, that it doesn’t leave a calling card on the neighbor’s lawn. That might be recorded by the racist Ring doorbell camera that contributes to racial profiling.

Of course, that problem wouldn’t occur with a robotic police dog like Digidog. Rather than seeking scents for a relief spot, Digidog is just prowling the obvious places for some action to overcome Digi-boredom. For that, he was once deemed racist.

Who would have known the great outdoors is racist?

Per the American Hiking Society, there is racism in the outdoors. All I know is that if one fails to plan and equip oneself properly, then mercurial nature will taunt you. It doesn’t care what your skin’s color is, or even if you’re human.

Is it racist if one cannot afford safety equipment to explore our wilderness? They probably could afford it under the Trump boom, which disproportionally benefited low-income and middle-class households. African-Americans thrived economically. That’s likely why they are now repudiating the race hustlers in the Democrat party.

I just wonder why electric vehicles haven’t been tagged as racist more often; after all, they’re very expensive, too. Perhaps the greenies take precedence over race-hustlers.

If outdoor pursuits are racist, then how about sports, particularly basketball? Perhaps it is racist. (You'd certainly think so, considering the open racial hysteria that has greeted the spectacular rise of Caitlin Clark.) Not only because “white men can’t jump,” but most of the renowned public basketball courts are in inner cities, not Pleasantville. In fact, basketball courts are ideal for an urban environment, partly due to their small footprint. The problem is, rather than fast-breaks, ally oops and slam dunks, crime tends to hold court.

As the saying goes, “if everything is racist, nothing is racist.” But if anyone is racist, it is not common-sense conservatives like Trump, but Democrats. They are desperately trying to cling to power by inflaming racial passions and tensions.

Disturbingly, leftist policies are not only racist (toward Whites), but they tend to exacerbate problems in lower-income neighborhoods. For example, Uber and Lyft plan to exit the Minneapolis market over its arbitrarily determined minimum wage rule. People with low incomes (of all races) and the disabled particularly depend on those services.

Another example: Seattle’s minimum pay ordinance is hurting those whom it was supposed to help. How long before these companies are charged with racism (if they haven’t been already) for simply making a sound business decision?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take some non-racist roads to the non-racist outdoors where I can forest-bathe amidst a bunch of non-racist trees with my non-racist dog. My non-racist doorbell camera will monitor suspicious interlopers while I’m gone, irrespective of their race or ethnicity.

Image: PickPik

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