Do Rank-and-File Leftists Realize They’re Being Scammed by Their Ruling Class?

The dirty little secret about the wealth distribution of the leftist ruling class is that they only redistribute the wealth—to themselves.

Have you ever considered why leftist ruling-class leaders are extraordinarily rich while they also preach wealth redistribution? And why is it that leftists never bring this up?

Look at the evidence down through history and around the world, and you will see the same pattern repeated with every leftist regime. Let’s begin with the now-defunct USSR, which was supposed to be a utopic  “worker’s paradise”; what manifested were crammed apartment blocks and queues for bread and toilet paper, while the “select few” of the nomenklatura lived in luxury. It’s been reported that Mikhail Gorbachev, the last USSR leader, had a net worth of $5 million.

Then there is the leftist leader about whom the national socialist media can’t stop talking, whose final objective of a “Classless German Society” was undermined when it was revealed he “Loved Money and Died Rich”. And speaking of dictators adored by leftists, let’s not forget the far-left’s idol Fidel Castro, who made the usual promises and had a net worth of $900 million. Then there’s the leftist regime of North Korea; while the common people starved, Kim Jong-il lived it up and was amassed $4 billion. His son Kim Jong Un took over as supreme leader in 2011 and was reported to be worth $5 billion a few years ago, with one report having $1 trillion in assets these days.

Don’t forget that according to leftist doctrine, the government under the ever-perfect utopia of communism is supposed to “wither away” after a few years. Such as in communist red China, home of the Tiananmen Square massacre and the regime oppressive to Hong Kong. Where “600 million Chinese are still living on about $5 a day” and as Forbes reports, China’s “rich lists” are saturated with Communist Party members and a “record number” of billionaires; what would Marx or Mao say about that?

So much for the state withering away.

Then of course, back in the states, we have the national socialist “Democratic” party and their unwavering dedication to socialist… justice, and the redistribution of wealth to their bank accounts. The absurdly contradictory nature of the leftist landscape is perfectly illustrated in a story about former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg; his campaign office in Flint, MI had a sign that read “EAT THE RICH” taped to a window. Bloomberg had a reported net worth of $61.8 billion in 2019, while the socialist politicians in his party are comfortably in the multi-millionaire class (Bernie Sanders among others).

A decade ago, Forbes magazine asked the question: How Did The Democrats Become The Party Of The Rich? and since then, the situation has only become more fraudulent for the ruling class with the Top 50 Richest Democrats. And how is it that even leftists of modest means become enriched by “serving” as our ever-faithful rulers in the controller class, dictating how we are to run our lives?

Before leftists respond with the irrelevant factoid that many on the pro-freedom right are rich, we would note that we don’t call for wealth redistribution, so the far-left bears the burden of the hypocrisy alone. It’s one thing to achieve and become wealthy out of merit, it’s quite another to then call for the destruction of others. That is the big difference that distinguishes the two sides.

So, how could this be the case with the doctrine of:

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

Yet, this was first expressed three centuries before Marx and 500 years ago, in Thomas More’s 1516 book, Utopia (old English text can be found here).

In modern English though:

I hold well with Plato, and do nothing marvel that he would make no laws for them that refused those laws, whereby all men should have and enjoy equal portions of wealth and commodities.

More was referring to the concepts of an Ideal State from Plato in ancient Greece, showing that these ideas have been around for centuries, and that “wealth equality” has always been a ruling class scam to enrich themselves—Plato hailed from one of the wealthiest Athenian families of the day.

Ruling class leftists become exceedingly wealthy because they exploit their positions of governmental control to enrich themselves. They will buy votes with other people’s money taken at gunpoint, but they never, ever consider handing out the money they’ve obtained from their positions of power.

Glenn Beck explained this in a chalkboard video a few weeks ago. He first noted that rank-and-file leftists (Marxists) are nothing more than “Useful Innocents,” moving on to talk about a very interesting poll — the attitudes of the “elite” and “super elite” in this country, people who are almost entirely left, have a certain set of beliefs that are markedly different from the average person, and the idea that they would like to restrict your rights and tell you what you can eat and how much you can travel amongst other authoritarian diktats is not fiction.

The Democrats used to be the party of the blue-collar workers and the middle class — the proletariat, in the parlance of Marx. Now, the “Democratic” party’s socialist national agenda is destroying the middle class and enriching its upper crust. They are actively working to wreck the middle class with downward wage pressure via the illegal invasion over the open border; endangering everyone who can’t afford private security teams with the criminals that are coming in over the same open border; eviscerating savings with inflation from money printing so the leftist ruling class can buy votes.

All of this should make one thing clear, even though it won’t be a shock to anyone: Ruling class leftists are a complete fraud.

This is on top of all their other issues, but everywhere you look, they are busily scamming society. Sure, they want to control and run our lives, but it’s worse than that. Their actions are based on cynical false premises.

They feign concern over guns, but that’s only because they don’t want anyone to have the ability to resist them. They’re perfectly happy with guns around them when needed for their protection.

Ruling class leftists are always feigning concern for global cooling, global warming, climate change, or whatever is the buzzword this week. But they still buy beach houses with the supposed rise in the oceans, and they still fly around to conferences when they could easily help “save the planet” by conducting their business over Zoom. And they supposedly want to redistribute the wealth, but they are only taking it for themselves.

So, how do we convince rank-and-file leftists of these facts?

How do we make them understand that ruling-class leftists are only out for themselves? If the latter are liars in one area, then maybe they are liars in all areas, and should not be trusted. Because the “useful innocents” need to know that virtue signals are based on false pretenses and the promised wealth redistribution is never going to happen.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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