George Stephanopoulos: A Case Study in America’s Psychological Warfare

Many Americans are paying attention to daily news events. But more need to see beyond the daily events to the larger plot. Part of that larger plot involves understanding that we’re now living in an environment of psychological warfare.

In The Matrix, what most people describe as “reality” is revealed to be a highly scripted illusion orchestrated by hostile forces for their own nefarious purposes. The hero evolves from being entirely enslaved to that illusion to seeing through and eventually overcoming it.

More Americans need to become Neo. Certain peeks behind certain curtains can offer glimpses into dynamics that are usually hidden beneath the surface. Enough peeks can transform suckers into seers. This isn’t easy to do but a recent incident can help make it clear.

Anyone interested in learning the evil magician’s tricks could study the encounter between George Stephanopoulos and Nancy Mace on March 9th.

First, a quick aside: Stephanopoulos once worked as press secretary for Bill Clinton. He was paid to manage narratives to help achieve Democrat/communist political agendas. From there, he became Chief Anchor at ABC News.

This fact alone should have alarmed us long ago—a blinking red warning sign that there’s something profoundly off about journalism and media today. It’s absurd. In a media system that is what it pretends to be, Stephanopoulos—a Democrat operative pretending to be a journalist—and the executives who hired him would have been fired long ago, and ABC would have been discredited as a news organization for even trying. Yet here we are. Americans who trust ABC News either don’t know or don’t care and are apparently happy to be herded like sheeple.

Image: George. Stephanopoulos (edited). YouTube screen grab.

Back to the story.

Stephanopoulos likely baited Nancy onto his show by offering an opportunity to tell her side of the story. But since we live in a time of psychological warfare, she should have known that this only happens when they’re confident they can orchestrate an ambush to discredit their political opponents.

That was the plan. Yet this time, the ambush didn’t go as planned. The plan’s failure offered Americans that peek behind the curtain.

Stephanopoulos brought up Nancy’s past as a rape victim: As a rape victim, how can you defend convicted rapist Donald Trump?

Here’s where things got interesting. In the scripted exchange, the ABC producers/Democommunist operatives likely envisioned, Mace would have been caught off-guard. “Fair point! Rape is bad. Donald Trump was ‘convicted’ of rape. And yet, I still support Donald Trump! Those seem contradictory! Cognitive dissonance! I’m lost!” She’d then mumble some forgettable word salad talking points and slink away, discredited and humiliated. The psychological battle won, as usual. That was the plan.

But instead, Mace fired back: George is “trying to shame me as a rape victim, and I find it quite disgusting.”

Boom. Glitch in The Matrix.

Usually, the Democrat-communists hold a monopoly on the victim card. But Mace’s curveball turned tables, and the scripters of reality suddenly found reality going off-script.

Most of us who have a conscience, a sense of decency and manners, and who aren’t psychopaths, would have likely apologized at this point in the conversation, conveyed that we didn’t intend to offend anyone, and moved on.

Stephanopoulos, however, might be more like Ted Bundy—handsome, charming, verbally skilled, and thoroughly psychopathic. (Remember the Friends girls swooning over him?) As a highly skilled practitioner in a type of warfare most of us don’t know we’re involved in, he’s also used to winning.

So, Bundy-Stephanopoulos came again: How can you (Mace) support a rapist?

Again, Mace responded: “You’re trying to shame me.”

Actually, he was trying to catch her in a contradiction in order to discredit her as someone who counters The Narrative. Why? Because those who think outside of The Narrative’s realm must have their credibility destroyed. In psychological warfare, all political enemies must be ridiculed and discredited in public. From the days of Mao and Stalin onward, these tactics have always been key components of the communist agenda.

The same back-and-forth happened again. Bundyphanopoulos: Since you’re a rape victim, how can you support a rapist? Mace: You’re trying to shame me as a rape victim, and it’s disgusting.

(Remember “Me Too” and “Believe all women?”) Democommunists typically find victims useful (temporarily), exploiting them by pretending to fight for them. It’s standard, block-and-tackle Marxist political tactics. Pretend to care about victims of sexual assault (as long as they aren’t victims of Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, or other allies) for so long as it’s helpful toward the real aim of destroying political opponents.

The same exchange happened again and again. Despite a few diversions (civil trials versus criminal trials, rape versus sexual assault, E. Jean Carroll’s lack of credibility, etc.), and despite Bundyphanopoulos clearly giving off waves of abusive boyfriend vibes, the argument kept returning back like a heat-seeking missile to its target: You’re a hypocrite! vs. You’re shaming a victim!

Bundyphanopoulos came back at her fifteen times.

The “interview” consisted largely of a single “question” that was asked fifteen times.

Remember: George Stephanopoulos pretends to be a journalist. He wants us to believe that his job is to inform the public on important topics.

But his actual job is to destroy political enemies by trapping them in contradictions in order to publicly humiliate and discredit them. Whatever his target actually thinks or says, the drama is already pre-scripted: Mace is a hypocrite for supporting Donald Trump. Now, I’m going to perform that drama in front of everyone. It’s more of a play than an interview.

Eventually, realizing this line of attack was failing—a rarity—an exasperated Bundyphanopoulos gave up trying to direct his live-action struggle session and resorted to Plan B: just say it. So, he just declares: “You’re comfortable with Donald Trump being found liable for rape.”* (Therefore, you have no credibility and should be ignored.)

Mace: “You’re putting words in my mouth.” Bullseye. Mace clearly has experience with abusive men.

Those with ears to hear are aware: this is psychological warfare.

There are several lessons we can take from this.

  • Many viewers still think they’re watching “news.”
  • Psychological warfare masquerading as news is the norm, not the exception.
  • The tactics of the Media Industrial Complex are usually much more subtle, polished, and undetectable.
  • Obviously, the problem isn’t just news. Democommunists have corrupted formerly respectable institutions such as late-night talk shows, SNL, and scores more.
  • Most Republican politicians are either 1) dinosaurs, who still think it’s 1990 and are utterly oblivious to our current situation, or 2) eunuchs, who know what’s happening but lack the spine to do anything about it.

More Americans need to awaken to some harsh truths.

The above is just one peek. There are many more. Yeonmi Park, for example, escaped North Korea, came to America, went to Columbia University, and soon declared that Columbia was worse than North Korea.

More Americans need to join The Resistance. The Illusion has power only as long as people believe it. The evil magicians’ tricks work only when suckers can’t see through them.

We’re living in a situation of psychological warfare. It’s time to gear up for the coming psychological battle.

For those not yet aboard: Wake up. The Matrix has you.


*Note: Even in a New York court, Trump was not found liable for rape, and he’s suing ABC and Stephanopoulos for that assertion.

Steve Rose is a pseudonym.

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