Moving On from the Racism Distraction

You can find racism in the United States if you undertake a mission to look for it. Maybe at some Black barbershop, a middle-aged White businessman would encounter racism. But do not despair: there is always another barbershop. No need to set that one on fire or create national news in outrage.

It is hard to find anything at all that the unhappy Left does not consider racist. Pete Buttigieg, the frequently unavailable Secretary of Transportation, informed us that roads are racist. Seattle schools were the first to declare that “Western math” is racist, used to oppress people of color. California is expected to follow.

This obsession by the Left that everything is racist is silly but annoying and is used as a major distraction from unifying the citizens as American, rather than identifying as their specific demographic. With that division and diversion, the People are prevented from forming a united focus on the genuine issues confronting the United States that matter to everyone, like food, energy, housing, crime, and employment.

The assertion that we are a racist country with oppressed classes seems like the basis for the parable that the emperor has no clothes, given we just witnessed at least eight million known illegal immigrants from 100 countries of all races enter the country in about three years, making it one of, if not the, largest migrations from multiple regions to one country in human history.

I suggest that these illegal immigrants did not risk life and limb to travel thousands of miles in harsh conditions to get to the United States because it was a racist country that features oppression. Nor do they or anyone else believe they were seeking asylum, which is the flimsy basis for allowing their entrance without resistance. They are here because the United States offers a better life than they could get in those 100 countries they fled. None of those 100 countries are less racist or less oppressive than the United States. Incidentally, none of those eight million are from western capitalist nations recently based on meritocracy like England, France, or Germany.

Most of the speech and neo-philosophy of racism, wokeness, “white fragility,” anti-racism, oppressed classes, victims, protected classes, micro-aggressions, and alleged “phobias;” are not spun by residents of those classes.

It is not Black men complaining that they are victims of White oppression. That would be very weak and unmanly. We should not think that it is the case and if any university had the guts to research what percent of each group thinks they are the victim of White oppression and publish the actual findings, they would find that true. This is intuitive to those of us who grew up, schooled, and worked with minorities.

The lies are spun by single White women from private high schools and expensive private liberal colleges and whom for most of their lives, had only minimal contact with people in those “other” classes. Of course, the few professional race baiters who make a comfortable living promoting division and the victimhood of each group are needed as some kind of figurehead for the movement.

These leftist women feel guilty about how so much was given to them with their doing nothing to deserve it. They attribute their 1% privilege to their race and somehow it is at the expense of all others, rather than the more obvious explanation that their parents secured a safe future for them through their sacrifice and love. Their inclination is not to honor their parents, quite the opposite. But lest the light be shown on the activists as empty virtue signalers, they point their finger at the opposite gender. All those social issues they obsess upon and insist are priority national policy matters, they attribute to the existence of the United States founding by White men, who they say also perpetuate racism.

Sane people do not live with hatred for groups. People of all stripes certainly harbor prejudice of many sorts. Gentlemen prefer blondes: prejudice. But there is no White men-at-large agenda to oppress any group. To the extent in-action prejudice exists from any source, it is at an individual level, and it is uncommon.

For the people of the United States to actually reunite, as both party heads say they desire, as do a vast percentage of the citizenry without pretense, a requisite step is to stop paying attention to national speech including written -- particularly from the government -- on race and racism. Why? Because there is no upside. It is a bad idea; for the People, at least.

We, mostly White men who are the target of the attacks must stop involuntarily twitching whenever someone, usually a White woman, screams “racism!” If that screech gets results, you can count on it being the go-to play, like the old Green Bay Packers sweep. You know it is coming, see if you can stop it.

We must move on from this incessant fallacy of national racism and that will involve speaking out with logic and facts against those promoting tribalism and division, instead of cowering for fear of being called a racist or some other ad hominem. That includes government and corporate CEOs as well as at the grassroots level.

A poll would show a landslide of popular support to move on from wokeness, thought control, censorship, and loss of freedom of speech. Why is there none? We need more leadership on this front beyond, most notably, Elon Musk and a few podcasters. We need business leaders, governors, mayors and maybe even elected representatives in Washington to show spine and stand for a United States free of an agenda of division. When Democratic politicians stop caving to the far Left, they will regain respect among most Americans.

The concern is that our own federal government in all its tentacles does not find a united citizenry in its own best interest. It is from the President’s own mouth on many occasions saying in various forms that “white supremacy” is the greatest terrorist threat to the nation. Why would he say that while simultaneously telling us he wants to unite us? He has made it clear he means quite a wide swath of white people as the greatest threat, not some camp of a few dozen radicals in the hinterlands.

He disparages both the America First and the Make America Great Again movements as somehow dangerous to America. These are the people most willing to fight for a free United States, rather than the authoritarian state to which the government is leading us, with ever more restrictions on business and freedom. Feel your neck tightening?

We must stop paying attention to the racism screech and unite as a people, without the “help” of government to make this happen. It is each man reaching inside and siding with his true conscience, and letting his voice be heard. All brands of men, together, and then we leave the brands behind.

Rick McDowell is a writer of political philosophy, American history and essays on the mind and is the creator of “The American Perspective”

Image: John Englart

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