9-11, the musical


Moonbat Central, a great resource for following the idiot left, reports

"[A] group of ultra moonbats from the far Left is preparing to produce a musical comedy about 9—11, dedicated to the proposition that 9—11 was all a US conspiracy with Al—Qaeda serving as patsy and being blamed falsely. This is the musical rendition of the "ideas" of people like Ward Churchill.

The group is inviting people to contribute ideas and support. It promises to have a cultural impact in America similar to "Hair" and wake Americans up to the grand conspiracy (presumably by Bush and Republicans) that in fact was behind 9—11. The sponsors insist that all of the conspiracies described in the musical are substantiated by documented facts."
Details about the sponsors follow.For those wondering how this will fit a musical format, we are informed:

The musical will include a scene of Mohammed Ata receiving a lap dance, followed by male and female dancers, representing Prescott Bush, Uncle Sam and Hitler. The play climaxes in a "cluster" orgy, whatever that is. 
Clarice Feldman    5 23 05