A border dweller evaluates the Minuteman Project


How does one gauge the success of the Minuteman Project? They are monitoring only 24 miles of border. Illegals are not deterred. They are now crossing the border east of Douglas, AZ and west of Deming, NM.  Bands of 30 are now trying to cross the Chiricahua Mountains —— which top out at 9,000 + feet and are still snow covered —— and yes, an illegal clothed for the desert could freeze to death up there.

If you measure success in terms of "they aint crossin' here no more", the Minuteman Project is successful for only 24 miles of border.

If you measure success in terms of number of illegals crossing —— the Minuteman Project is a dismal failure. Illegals are still crossing the border to the east and are still coming in by the hundreds. (Check with the Deming Border Patrol HQ for actual numbers).

If you measure success in terms of news media coverage, the Minuteman volunteers have received their 15 minutes of fame.

If you measure success in terms of dollars spent by law enforcement, border patrol, and immigration authorities, thousands of dollars are being spent watching the Minuteman volunteers, waiting for them commit any infraction, they are successful. These resources would be far better spent doing their real jobs of protecting and serving the public. This distraction of FBI, INS, Border Patrol, Cochise County Sheriff, and any other Federal, State, County, or local resource makes the Minuteman project a failure.

Success would be Vicente Fox enacting reforms in his country that would make his people want to stay home.

Winston Lewis http://www.thegeorgewalkerhouse.com