A colonel's comments on returning to Iraq


I found this letter from 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry commander, LtCol. Todd Wood at the 3rd Infantry Division website and thought it might merit posting as an inspirational message:

"It seems like just a sort time ago that we redeployed from Iraq after Operation Iraqi Freedom I. This unit carved a piece of history not just for the 7th Regiment, but for the world. We took the fight to terrorism, we overthrew an evil dictator, an evil regime, and we have given a country and people a new chance. 2—7 Infantry fought hard for the freedoms now enjoyed by the Iraqi people, but the fight is not over. Why are we going back? This is a question that many ask themselves and the leaders of this unit. We are going back because in this war on terrorism we would rather fight the enemy on his soil and not on the strets in the U.S. We are going back because our country is a world leader, and with that title comes the responsibility of ensuring security — not just of our people but also our national interest. We are going back because the job in Iraq is not yet finished and we as a nation are committed to allowing democracy to form in the region. We are going back because we have a responsibility to th Iraqi people to make sure that they get a chance to pursue freedom. Most importantly, we are going back because we are Soldiers, professionals who are committed to protecting our country and outr people. As Soldiers we have answered our nation's call; 2—t Infantry is the tip of the spear in the War on Terrorism, and we will make a difference in this fight. We are going back to help finish the critical task whhich will make the future secure for our families. We have prepared ourselves well for this deployment, we have trained hard, we have great leaders, and we are following a very good unit. Thank you again for your hard work, support and prayers."

John B. Dwyer  2 16 05