A Latin American Al Jazeera


Courtesy of the usual suspects (follows the French effort to create its own worldwide news (agitprop) service. Read about it here.
Ed Lasky   5 07 05
A.M. Mora y Leon adds:
The whole thing is utterly awful. Bad news. But what I wonder is who will watch this thing. I know they are getting ready to open a bureau in Los Angeles. I believe it will be staffed by kpfa/kpfk types. If they can't attract an audience at those two stations as they currently are, I don't understand how they think they can attract one on telesur.
The other thing is, Chavez's own tv ratings are low — which is odd to me, because if I were in Venezuela, I imagine I would watch him for the sheer entertainment value. It must look very different if you are on the ground and have to live under the guy. Vz's oil cash is very strained now. I am going to bet they are gonna have Air America problems.
Ihe thought of the dumpy little ratfaced Izarra at the head of this is utterly gross!