A Poem for Dan Rather


Russ Vaughn, from the Texas Hill Country, sent us his latest poem.

Danny Boy

Do you know what I would rather think?

I'd rather think that Dan will blink.

Unable to defend his blather,

From pajama'd fiends that round him gather,

With keyboards blazing out their scorn,

As this great Samson's locks are shorn.

This first Sequoia, hacked into logs,

Won't be the last felled by the Blogs.


Dan's faux reports were belied by the science


Deployed by our robed and unshaved alliance

We rendered them fakes by letter and line,

This Pajama Brigade, so up yours, Mr. Klein!

Ol' Dan must admit he's been outcomputer'd,

Taken to the Vets and journalistically neutered.

One question remains that indeed does perplex us

Must we take him back, out here in Texas?

Russ Vaughn is the Poet Laureate of The American Thiker