A question for the Archbishop


Now that Israel has forcibly deported thousands of its crying and praying citizens from their homes in Gaza,  I have a question for Dr. Rowan Williams. Dr. Williams is the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England. As such, he started the ball rolling for a massive campaign against Israel by liberal churches in the US and Britain  ——— the Anglicans, Presbyterians, Lutherans and so on. All accuse Israel of thwarting the peace process, while turning a blind eye to fifty years of terror attacks against Jewish women and children.

My question to Dr. Williams is this: Now that Israel no longer controls 1.3 million Palestinians in Gaza, just as you demanded, will you
also lead a campaign against those who preach genocidal war against the Jews?

Will you also urge liberal churches to disinvest in Egypt, where the regime promotes a daily stream of hate speech?

How about a boycott against Saudi Arabia, which is funding a vast Nazi copycat campaign, complete with an endless flow of Hitlerian anti—Semitic cartoons?

And will the Church of England now take a firm stand to boycott Iran, which has been threatening "death to Israel" for 25 years?

Most important, will the Archbishop of Canterbury lead the liberal churches in a campaign to forbid the teaching of race hatred to Palestinian children?

Because it takes two sides to make peace.

And if you do not speak out loud and clear, what will that tell the world about your feelings for the Jewish State?

What might it reveal about your ethical values? About the moral clarity of your Church? And even about the sincerity of your Christian faith?

James Lewis   8 20 05