A study in contrasts


The behavior of President Bush (and his father)  and ex—President Bill Clinton in Rome tells us what we already knew. The Bushes behave like gentlemen, while Clinton is a self—promoter who hogs the spotlight at every opportunity. Bill Sammon writes in the Washington Times:

President Bush, determined not to upstage the funeral of Pope John Paul II, kept an unusually low profile in Rome yesterday, although former President Bill Clinton gave a television interview watched by millions. 

"He recognizes the significance of the moment," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said of Mr. Bush. "And the focus rightly should be on the Holy Father." 

Mr. Bush became the first president in years to conduct a full day's schedule on foreign soil without allowing a single press question, photograph or even fleeting image on videotape. His father, the first President Bush, also refrained from interviews.

Hat tip: Lucianne.com

Thomas Lifson   4 8 05