A well-deserved smackdown


Betsy Newmark takes on historian Charles C. Mann, who was granted the most coveted territory in all of journalism, the op—ed page of the New York Times, to spout the ludicrous theory that the Founders drew their inspiration from the Iroquois Indians, a fable that is lamentably in tune with the PC predisposition of many in the education industry, and is thus presented as "fact" to young minds.

Betsy neatly disposes of the tripe with her usual skill. But the edutainers, who pander to bruised ethnic sensitivities by derogating the inestimable contribution of the dead white males who actually created the intellectual and spiritual underpinnings of our liberty, continue to corrupt the minds of the young. On this day, July 4th, when brave men committed their lives and their sacred honor to the cause of liberty, it is shameful for the Times to propagandize in such a crude manner.

Thomas Lifson   7 4 05