Ah, remember those good/bad/indifferent days


Ah, remember those good/bad/indifferent days when school was just reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic?  There is more to education than those stripped down basics these days, as every want or need is crammed into the yearly curriculum.  
As future citizens, students should learn about politics; discussing issues, evaluating candidates, understanding the process.  But public schools, supported as they are by taxpayers of all persuasions, and attended by students of all backgrounds, should not advocate one cause or one candidate over the other.  That is not their mission. Nonpartisanship should be the goal.  However critics maintain that many colleges and universities, and even some high schools, long ago abandoned such neutrality, forcefeeding a liberal agenda to captive students. 

Apparently this attitude has seeped into schools for even the youngest.
Would school authorities and civil rights vigilantes have been so accepting, would the media have done such gushy segment if another precocious 9 year old had exerted the same effort for........Bush?  Did the teacher even think of suggesting a little balance?  Aw c'mon——you know the answer.

Ethel C. Fenig    9 27 04