Air America ratings analyzed


Brian Maloney analyzes the Air America ratings data on his blog The Radio Equalizer. The data turn our to be even worse for Air America than I expected. Despite a barrage of cheery publicity about the growth in the number of stations using the Air America network feed, the miniscule ratings in most markets are steady at best, and actually declining in many markets.

In New York, which should be one of AA's best markets, WLIB's ratings have gone from 1.4 last Fall to 1.1 in the latest book. That is below the levels WLIB had as a niche Afro—Caribbean music station. San Francisco, another surefire prospect, one would think, is even slightly lower.

I always thought there is a niche for left wing talk. The problem for AA is the NPR already has tax—subsidized left wing programming on the air, usually in powerful FM signals with no commercials (okay, fewer commercials thanking "underwriters").

What goes around comes around.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Thomas Lifson   3 31 05