Air America Watch


Chalk one up for Al Franken and Randi Rhodes. Their Air America programs have been picked up in San Diego, as Clear Channel is reformatting an existing music station to run 'progressive talk' programming, including the two AA shows. Clear Channel owns multiple outlets in San Diego, which has become the dominant mode of commercial radio broadcasting, so as to enable the ad sales department to offer a combination of demographic slices to advertisers.


But I have to wonder if somebody over at Clear Channel doesn't have quite a sense of humor. The discarded format being replaced was 'Adult standards,' bearing the related call letters KPOP — obviously for popular music. The new station apparently is going to appeal to those who are either taking hallucinogens, or who think the hosts are, since its call letters will be KLSD.


Hat tip: Ethel Fenig


Posted by Thomas  8 24 04