An MSM Deficit


Once again, the MSM is refusing to present any economic news in a way that might shed some favorable light on the Bush administration.

This time, both the New York Times and the Washington Post trumpet AP headlines about "Record Tax Collections" in July to report on the large drop in the Federal deficit. President Bush instituted his tax cut plans with the expectation that the reduced tax burden would spur business activity and consumer spending, thereby increasing tax revenues to the Government. This is exactly what has happened and the Federal deficit is shrinking accordingly——which is very good news indeed.

But the NYT and WaPo web sites couch this good news with the intentionally negative—sounding "Tax Collection" phraseology, perhaps implying that the Republican—led Government is somehow overtaxing the populace, and turning a flat—out positive story into a vaguely negative one.

MSNBC uses the headline "Federal deficit drops unexpectedly".
Sorry, MSNBC. It WASN'T unexpected. It was expected that the tax cuts would increase tax revenue, and they have.

In all likelihood, the negative MSM economic reporting will continue as long as there is a Republican in the White House.

Steve Feinstein   8 11 05