Anit-war poets (cont.)


Stephen, of DoggerelPundit, writes about his own run—ins with anti—war poets. As his website title would indicate, he responded with verse:

O poets of peace so hostile to all wars!
Read piece by piece such dull misgiving grows
That rhythm dead—no try at vers door's
Not poetry at all, but hapless prose.

Transfigure your idea! for rhyme and scan
Be servant to your crux, if you would teach.
As brilliant strike transfixes jumbled land
So measured pitch stands from the yawp and screech.

Restraint and focus best sustain your way
To realize poetic ends, bards know.
Cry no!—it's rampant feeling screams display?
Fling wide then passion's throat, for outburst flow.

   Yet think, spawn of McKuen and the rest
   That vomit from a drunk is so expressed.

3 23 05