Another left wing paper supports Roberts


The San Francisco Chronicle joins the Los Angeles Times in endorsing John Roberts as the nation's next Chief Justice. But is has the appearance of a tactical retreat, inspired by a desire to oppose whomever is nominated for the vacant Associate Justice seat, pending.

In the meantime, the existence of two Supreme Court vacancies elevates the importance of the Senate's advise and consent role, and its need to be on guard against an attempt to radically change the balance of the court or to seat an ideologue with an agenda.

The Chron is repeating the ridiculous and never—before followed canard that the ideological "balance" of the Supreme Court is somehow not to be changed. I don't recall the Chron or any other leftists objecting when ACLU advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated to replace a conservative—leaning Justice.

Making up new rules is yet another desperation tactic on the part of America's leftist ideologues. It, and they are ridiculous/

Thomas Lifson  9 21 05