Another legend falls


Lawrence Tribe is one of the legends of the left. The Harvard law professor argued Bush v. Gore in the federal courts in 2000 (though David Boies replaced him for the final losing battle before the US Supreme Court in December, 2000), and has appeared numerous times before the highest court. Tribe is a regular on cable talk shows, and has always seemed to appreciate the limelight. 

Today, he may not appreciate the focus on him in an article in the Weekly Standard which strongly suggests that Tribe is a plagiarist — not the first Harvard prof caught with his pants down, of course, just the latest in a recent highly embarrassing string. 

The author that Tribe "borrowed from" without attribution is Henry Abraham, a Kenyon College graduate, like several of us at the American Thinker, and for many years a political science professor at the University of Virginia, where he was a friend and colleague of the brilliant political scientist James Ceaser, yet another Kenyon alumnus. Abraham is a genuine scholar of the American Constitution, and an sheer original. This is not a label that fits Tribe.

Richard Baehr  9 26 04