Another MSM nuclear deception


Today's Washington Post reports on a team of scientists who have met in secret, and who have pronounced that Iran does not have a 'clandestine' nuclear weapons program. And how do they know this?  Because they found traces of weapons—grade uranium (generally above 90% enriched) on centrifuge parts imported from Pakistan!

So the world's premier sponsor of terrorism obtains equipment from a nuclear power in order to make highly enriched uranium (HEU), but don't worry because the traces of HEU are from the previous owners.  There — doesn't that make you feel better?  And the sources for this information are all anonymous, and the report is confidential, and don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain, etc.

Dafna Linzer's article is so full of half—truths and misdirection that it deserves a thorough deconstruction.  Look for a detailed analysis in tomorrow's American Thinker.

Douglas Hanson  8 23 05