Arabs identifying with Israel?


Haaretz, a left wing Israeli daily, carries the story of Arab students studying at an Israeli university. Could this trend be part of the reason that Arabs have been flocking to the Labor Party, rather than to Arab—identified parties?

Usually overlooked in the world's focus on Palestinians is the success that Isareli Arabs experience in democratic and prosperous Israel. Outside the circles of Saudi Royalty and elites of the tyrannies, they are the freest and most prosperous Arabs in the Middle East.

The Israeli universities , it should be pointed out, are on the West Bank. The British academic union wanted to boycott Israeli universities like these in order to hurt Israel. Instead, they would deprive Arabs of college educations. Arab students speak out about experiencing "no racism" on the part of students or faculty. "Everyone treated me well" one students says. Another says" Politics didn't interest me. My future is more important".One more student says he has more Jewish friends than Arab friends in college. Studies were done of these college students—and some of the results were surprising. "The Arab students identified themselves as Israelis" One wonders what will happen if the Europeans or Palestinians force these campuses to close. One thing for sure—it won't help the peace process.


Ed Lasky and Thomas Lifson   6 24 05