Bargaining with the devil


On July 14, The American Thinker posted an article that put into words what everyone knows by common sense: terrorists prefer to fight an enemy that is weak; between Bush / Cheney, and Kerry / Edwards, there is no contest as to who is weaker. Actions over the past three years speak louder than words over the past week.

Now the Kerry / Edwards team proposes to allow Iran to use nuclear fuel for nuclear power so long as the theocracy behaves itself and does not develop a nuclear weapon. However, at least one cleric has said  such a weapon should be used against Israel. This is a 'bargain' (Edwards' term), and on the surface it appears reasonable—it certainly is European—but it is a bargain with the devil, as we have learned (I hope) with our bargaining with N. Korea

Bush is right: the two nations constitute 'an Axis of Evil.' And evil cannot be trusted. We cannot trust the Iranians any more than we can the N. Koreans.

Posted by Jim Arlandson  9 2 04