Bestiality broadcasts OK in UK


Interspecies love, a.k.a. bestiality, a.k.a. humans having sex with animals, has just been declared within the bounds of broadcast propriety by Ofcom, the Office of Communications in the United Kingdom.

"[What about] a programme about sex with animals? Yes, it's potentially possible. It all comes down to context," he said.

As long as it is integral to the plot? Exactly what context justifies boinking a beast, humping a horse, or shtupping a sheep?

The matter must have come up for review because of previous broadcasts.

Mr Hooper's comments recalled Channel 4 bestiality documentary, Animal Passions, which featured a man who admitted have sex with his pony and a woman who had sex with her dog.

Although it was cleared by Ofcom last year, it generated 75 complaints from viewers who said it "normalised bestiality" and could encourage copycat behaviour.

The broadcasting code is intended to give broadcasters more "creative freedom" and allow audiences more responsibility in deciding what they watch.

I am not familiar with the criminal codes in the British Isles, but we prudish Yankees tend to regard sex with animals as a crime. Something about the inability of the poor beasts to consent, not to mention the now quaint notion of crimes against nature.

Deviancy has not only been defined down, it apparently has been found ready for prime time. At least in the U.K.

Hat tip: PJC

Thomas Lifson   5 25 05