Bigotry most ugly

By seems to have a problem with the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll which showed a substantial George Bush lead over John Kerry. Enough of a problem to spend a lot of money to buy a full page ad on page A5 of the national edition of the New York Times. believes that the methodology of the Gallup poll overstates the percentage of Republicans who actually cast votes, and that this accounts for the entire Bush lead over Kerry. The ad also states that this deceptive poll can skew media coverage of the candidates. Then the ad questions Mr. Gallup himself and questions why he has not pushed for an update of the methodology.
The answer they provide is that Mr. Gallup is an Evangelical Christian and has been quoted as calling his polling "a kind of ministry." The folks then notes that he said, "the most profound purpose of polls is to see how people are responding to God".
The last line of the ad condescendingly states "We thought the purpose is to faithfully and factually report public opinion."
A connect the dot exercise:

— is angry that Kerry is doing poorly at the polls, particularly the Gallup poll.

—Therefore it stoops to casting aspersions on Mr. Gallup becasue of his Christian faith.

—Needless to say, Christian Evangelicals are renowned for honesty, but in the eyes of the people at the fact that he is an Evangelical is enough to consider him unreliable and biased.
Just who is biased here?
Apparently, the New York Times welcomes money for a full—page ad impugning Evangelical Christians.

Ed Lasky   9 28 04