Bill Clinton for Pope?


Bill Clinton would make an ideal Pope — in the eyes of the American media at least.  Bill the Beloved would bring a liberal slant to the Papacy. He would bring 'a bridge to the 21st Century' to the 2000 year—old institution.  He would inspire a whole new priesthood with his ideas on celibacy. 

This is not an idle proposal.  As he is a man of 'firsts,' (America's first black president), Clinton would make history again as he becomes the first non—Catholic pope.  For the Left, the greatest legacy of John Paul II, was that he opposed the Iraq war.  (Remember the fear that a Catholic president would be a puppet of the Vatican?) 

For former—President Clinton, the opportunity to move to Rome would be too good to pass up.  He would be given a chance to better his currently unsatisfactory 'mixed' legacy. The prospect of his wife Hillary becoming President while he is Pope might, however, raise uncomfortable questions about church—state issues. But he could grant her an annulment.

Think about the possibility of other converts, drawn from those formerly found solace as a atheists.  For this group, man is subservient to the environment.  A papal Clinton would explain that when Adam and Eve were naked in the garden, they received the command to take dominion over the earth.  The 'Pontiff from Hope' would explain that even the trees cry out for the revelation of the sons of Man.  In other words, when Jesus returns, nature shall no longer suffer.

If we are indeed in the last days, are we not to expect 'signs' that are 'strange'?  I can think of nothing stranger than to witness the ascension of a man of lies to the throne that gives voice to the Man of Truth.

J. James Estrada   4 8 05