Bill Clinton in Davos


Normally,we don't have much regard for conspiracy theories, other than as imaginative entertainment. However, Bill Clinton's expressed admiration of the mullahs of Iran as "progressive" is hard to understand. Reader Rick irving has an interesting, if speculative interpretation:

Let me suggest another, perhaps more sinister and realistic explanation for Mr. Clinton's remarks at Davos. The man is simply lobbying for support to take the the job of UN Secretary General when Kofi Annan's term expires (2006, or before. Take your pick.) Put into this context, "Slick Willie's"

off the cuff pontificating doesn't seem nearly as bizzare... although every bit as unseemly.

Not to be too conspiratorial about it, I would also suggest that the meeting last December at the New York apartment of Richard Holbrooke was not the "save Kofi Annan" meeting, as billed by all those exquisitely timed leaks, but was instead the beginning of a palace coup to ensure the installation of Bill Clinton when Annan leaves office, either this year, or in 2006 as scheduled. A decent six weeks later, Clinton is appointed the personal representative of Annan and overseer of the world—wide tsunami relief effort... the one Kofi Annan couldn't quite bother to leave his skiing holiday for. Some coincidence, huh?