Blood is thicker


Our contributor Rick Moran, who blogs at Right Wing Nuthouse, has been subjected to emails demanding he do something about his brother Terry, who agressively questioned Scott McClellan, causing much comment.

Rick has posted a response that bears reading in whole. But here is the nub:

I happen to know that, despite what you might think, my brother is a loyal American who loves this country as much as I do. Only good things can flow from that. His job is to ask questions of people in power. Only good things can flow from that. And if it upsets you about the way he does his job, don't come to this site or email me. Go to the ABC website and talk to them. I am not responsible for how my brother performs his job.

I am responsible for the content of this site which will be unrelenting in its criticism of the MSM and its anti—Bush, anti—war bias — sentiments my brother mostly agreed with on Hugh Hewitt's show earlier today. The only responsibility toward my brother that I have is the love and affection I feel toward him and his family and the tremendous pride I take in his professional accomplishments.

In a family of 10 children (9 of whom are more liberal than I am) you can imagine some of the dinner table discussions — especially when we were coming of age in the 1970's. But whatever knock—down, drag—em—out fights that ensued we never lost our love and respect for each other. Blood is thicker than politics. Don't believe me? Try coming here and dissing my'll get an earful back.

Hat's off to Rick!

Thomas Lifson   5 20 05