Bolivia and Venezuela - some connections


A.M. Fantini has written an important essay above on what's at stake for the U.S. regarding Bolivia, a country which should draw more U.S. attention. Fantini points out that funding questions about Marxist populist ringleaders who use impoverished Indian groups as their tools are critical. And he's right. 
A look at just one Bolivian radical Web site gives an indicator of where this will lead.
Bolivia's populist coca—party leader, Evo Morales, whose mob—like Movement for Socialism party is responsible for so much turmoil in Bolivia, has a page on a Web site called  The Evo Morales page features pictures by "journalist" Jeremy Bigwood. Interestingly, Bigwood also holds the domain registration for the Venezuelan Solidarity Committee's Venezuela FOIA  web site in the U.S. The latter is a top propaganda organ for the Marxist regime of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.
What a coincidence. 
Bigwood's ties to these two groups corresponds to what is already known about Chavez's ties to Morales. About a week ago, Morales publicly cavorted with Chavez on his weekly television show, in an event that is vividly described by a Venezuelan blogger who watched the repulsive spectacle here.  (Be sure to click on, it's a must—read.) The account shows that the ties between Chavez and Morales are exceptionally strong, just as the activities of Chavez's propagandists are connected
Speaking of Bigwood, Venezuelan investigative blogger Alek Boyd reports a wave of frenzied activity over at the Venezuela Solidarity Committee's Web site following his striking discovery that this group has been publicly misrepresenting its IRS tax status. He reports that they are altering their Web site in a bid to white out their errant claims that Alek has already exposed. Read Alek's account of the pathetic spectacle here.  Once again, the blogopshere, exposing the sinews of propagandists and their masters, is taking down tyranny. 
A.M. Mora y Leon 03 08 05