Bolton under fire from UK left


Peter Glover notes an extraordinary attack on John Bolton in the UK Independent in his blog Wiresfromthebunker.

I knew instantly I was going to love this when I read on the paper's website the opening line: "America's controversial new ambassador to the United Nations is seeking to shred an agreement on strengthening the world body and fighting poverty intended to be the highlight of its 60th anniversary summit next months." Its lead article contends, "Mr Bolton makes a bad start to his new job" and another major article asks "With Bush's man installed, is this the end of diplomacy." In the vegetable world of Independent—style journalism, you see, anyone Mr Bush wanted in the job of ambassador could not possible represent a move for the 'greater good'.

I love it. I just love it. Anti—Americanism, anti—Bushism, anti—John Boltonism. The end of dplomacy, holding up the fight on world poverty and weakening the UN — all in the space of just a fe well—chosen sentences. You have to hand it to the Left they are getting far more succinct in their use of ideological bile in their 'independent' reporting these days.