Bush and Lincoln


Yale professor and political commentator David Gelernter writes a hilarious but telling Op—Ed in today's New York Sun entitled "Bush and Lincoln."
Beginning with the assertion that, "The inauguration of George W. Bush has left—wingers all over the world foaming at the mouth for the usual reason: Mr. Bush makes them feel cheap," Gelernter takes the reader on a tour of peculiar views of the anti—Bush left at home and abroad.
After a funny but on—the—money comparison with the tribulations and criticisms once leveled at old Honest Abe, Gelernter points out:
"Here is a deep dark secret. Yes, America was pursuing its national interests in Iraq, Afghanistan, and (for that matter) the Civil War. The right foreign policy for America is to pursue our national interest and world freedom simultaneously. Can it be done?"
He ends his piece with a pretty solid answer.

Richard N. Weltz  2 03 05