Canada frees a monster


Karla Homolka, a grotesque sex criminal/killer with a beautiful face, is being released by Canadian authorities at the ripe old age of 35, after only 12 years in prison for multiple counts of drugging, raping, torturing, and killing teenage girls, along with her husband. There is every reason to believe that she is seriously and permanently mentally ill, and represents a threat to the citizens of Canada.

Her accomplice, her husband, is serving a life term. She made a deal with prosecutors to get her short sentence, a prosecutorial decision many have questioned.

The details of her crimes are impossibly grisly. She and her husband actually videotaped some of their crimes. And one of their victims was her own sister, whom she presented to her husband a sick sort of "gift."

Canada needs to revive the death penalty. They used to hang murderers there.

Thomas Lifson   6 20 05