Carter and cover-up


Jimmy Carter, the holier—than—thou ex—president and ratifier of phony referenda, is well—known as a volunteer carpenter for Habitat for Humanity, an admirable charity that builds houses for the poor. The founder and former head of HfH, Millard Fuller, was fired six weeks ago, following sexual harrassment accusations against him.

The firing has turned into a cause, as reported by the Washington Post. But what we find most ineteresting is the role of ex—president Carter:

...according to the Fullers and Habitat board members, the former president tried twice in the past year to broker an agreement to keep the latest accusation quiet and allow Fuller to retire honorably with his $79,000 annual salary for life.

Carter also rose to Fuller's defense on the only previous occasion when sexual harassment charges against him became public. In 1990—91, five women who were current or former employees of Habitat told the board of directors that he had subjected them to unwanted sexual advances —— including kissing them on the mouth and touching their buttocks —— as well as vindictive behavior when he was rebuffed.

Board members said they came close to firing Fuller. But they said that after Carter warned in a confidential letter that a "national scandal" could ensue, the directors allowed Fuller to work for a year from an outside office and then restored his duties as chief executive.

I cannot pretend to judge the facts of the case in any of these situations. But I do find noteworthy that Carter's reported response is to keep the public ignorant of the situation, and pretend nothing has happened.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   3 9 05