Chalabi's INC cleared on WMDs


If you recall, the MSM, relying on  unnamed sources repeatedly tarred the Iraqi National Congress and Ahmed Chalabi with being the source of false intelligence information on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Leaving aside for the moment that those sources undoubtedly were located within the agencies that the Commission found responsible for the bad intelligence, it did clear the INC of these false claims——not that you'll know, unless you take the time to read the Commission Report.

Page 108 of the Robb—Silverman Report states: "In fact, over all, CIA's post—war investigations revealed that INC—related sources had a minimal impact on pre—war assessments."

Page 108: "Reporting from these two INC sources had a "negligible" impact on the overall assessments, however."

Page 108: "Despite speculation that Curveball was encouraged to lie by the Iraqi National Congress (INC), the CIA's post—war investigations were unable to uncover any evidence that the INC or any other
organization was directing Curveball to feed misleading information to the Intelligence Community. Instead, the post—war investigations concluded that Curveball's reporting was not influenced by, controlled by, or connected to, the INC."

Clarice Feldman   3 31 05