Chavez and the mullahs, continued


Remember all the hugging and kissing  in Caracas this month, when Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez hosted Iran's mullah—president, Mohamad Khatami? Who could forget the pictures?  The two tyrants, one in flowing mullah robes and the other in a ridiculous red shirt, then flew to Ciudad Bolivar on the banks of the Orinoco. There, with a socialist hokey—ness only a communist could love, together they opened a tractor factory. To promote friendship and solidarity. Or something like that. And then to bluster against the U.S  and defend Iran's nuclear program.  
Now, there is no tractor company of any merit in Iran — if you want a good tractor factory in that region, your best bet is to go to Pakistan.  But never mind Pakistan, Brazil next door has world class farm—machinery companies and would have been happy to put in another tractor factory for Venezuela if asked. But not being an anti—American country, Brazil wasn't going to get a piece of that $23 million contract for the Iran/Venezuela friendship tractor factory. Not in Hugo Chavez's regime.
Anyway, that was ten days ago. Since that glorious founding, Miguel reports they've since gone on strike.  So much for peace and friendship through tractor development. This doesn't look like it's beginning very well at all.
A.M. Mora y Leon 03 24 05