Chavez's menacing message to Paraguay?


La Nacion

of Argentina reports, with a savage photo,  that Paraguay's ambassador to Venezuela was physically attacked in broad daylight in Caracas as she left the cathedral mass honoring Pope John Paul II. Unknown goons set upon her, and worse yet, when she sought help from a Venezuelan government office across the street, the doors were slammed shut on her. Meanwhile, in Asuncion, Paraguay, Venezuela's ambassador confidently explained to Paraguayans that the ambassador's assailants were members of Venezuela's opposition.
As they say in the Vatican, 'cui bono'?
It doesn't sound like Venezuela's opposition. American officials like Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld charge that the government of Hugo Chavez intends, through huge weapons purchases, to intimidate and destabilize the region, which includes countries like Paraguay.
That's not all. There is also a fierce diplomatic battle going now over who will lead the Organization of American States, which at last count was tied 17—17 between Hugo Chavez's "kiss of death" candidate and another candidate from Mexico. Paraguay is supporting Mexico's, not Chavez's, candidate. A very good news story on this issue can be read here
Worst of all, Hugo Chavez has recently permitted Colombian FARC guerrillas to operate freely on Venezuelan soil, from where they directed and plotted by e—mail the murder of a Paraguayan ex—president's 31—year old daughter, whose body was discovered earlier this year. 
From a PR perspective, if there is one country Hugo Chavez should not menace, it is Paraguay. But if this attack is from his goons, it would signal he doesn't care, and may intentionally be doing it to send a "message" to this small, blameless state, which will only portend worse.
Paraguay will have to get more vocal and take tangible action against this pattern of thuggery directed against it unless it wants more. This looks like real aggression. 
A.M. Mora y Leon 04 13 05