China's new "terrorist police"


Let's see: we have not seen a lot of press about terrorist attacks in China but in a Financial Times article entitled 'China sets up squads to combat terrorism' it says

"...the authorities dealt with 74,000 protests and riots nationwide last year, involving more than 3.7m people, compared with 10,000 incidents in 1994."

This looks/sounds more like a Special Riot Police Squad!
I'm sure there are more than a few in high places wagging their fingers and telling their fellow imperialists "I told you this would happen! Once you give these ignorant peasants a millimeter of democracy they'll want the whole three meters!"
Would anyone care to place a wager that not one Op—Ed will make a simple comparison between this story and Bush's long term/far sighted goals for democracy in the Middle East?
Joe Crowley   8 19 05