Clinton had his Cindy Sheehan and nobody noticed


Bill Clinton once faced—down an angry parent of a soldier killed in action, a Medal of Honor winner, no less. Herbert Shugart refused to shake Bill Clinton's hand following the ceremony at which the Medal of Honor was posthumously awarded to his son. Strangely enough, the media baerly noticed, unlike Cindy Sheehan, who is now a household name, and has been declared in posession of "absolute moral authority" by Maureen Dowd of The New York Times, who apparently believes herself an expert in moral authority.

Sweetness & Light continues to dig up important information, as I knew it would. Its proprietor is one of those rare people who can locate the inconvenient fact or quotation, and now he or she (I'm not saying which) has the space in which to post it, not to mention the sardonic wit to highlight the right phrases and pictures. You are missing out on essential source material if you don't bookmark it and visit regularly.

Today, S&L recalls the father of the deceased Medal of Honor winner who refused to shake Bill Clinton's hand when it was offered. None of us remembers a media storm over the incident. As examples of this sort of systemic bias accumulate, the left wing media are sinking rapidly in credibility.

Nice work, S&L!

Thomas Lifson  8 24 05