Complaint filed against Kerry


The wheels of justice grind slowly. Fortunately, the wheel of military justice grind considerably faster, so maybe there is hope that we will see results prior to November 2, on a complaint just filed by Judicial Watch with the Department of the Navy, over Kerry's Naval service.

According to the complaint, filed Aug. 18 by Judicial Watch, "The, as yet, unresolved allegations include: false official reports and statements; dishonorable conduct; aiding the enemy; dereliction of duty; misuse and abuse of U.S. government equipment and property; war crimes; and multiple violations of U.S. Navy regulations and directives, the Uniform Code of Military Justice and U.S. Code."

Given Kerry's statement about the seriousness of the late Admiral Boorda's improper wearing of two v's for valor, this story may grow long legs, depending on the speed of the investigation.

Posted by Ed   9 3 04