Condi says she won't run


Matt May, our resident enthusiast for Secretary of State Condolleza Rice as presidential candidate in 2008, watched the Secretary today on Meet the Press, where she averred no interest in running for president. Matt's response can be found here, on his Citizens for Condi website. He correctly points out

Sec. Rice must say she is not interested. If she were to say anything else, she would be looked upon as a grandstander and using the State Department as a platform for a run to the presidency. It would be the equivalent of giving the media not a sword, but a battalion.

There is no doubt that, at this moment, Sec. Rice is completely sincere in her desire not to run for the presidency. But 2008 is some time away, and there is a lot of time for President Bush to convince her otherwise. Sec. Rice was smart enough to leave herself room to change her mind. And since when is that a crime, anyway?

All true. But I am not going to bet the farm on President Rice being sworn into office in four years.

Thomas Lifson   3 13 05