Conservative blogs believe in academic freedom


A few months ago  when Ward Churchill out in Colorado was unmasked  having phony credentials and defaming victims of 9/11  he retained his job by retreating into the untouchable sanctum of freedom of speech and academic freedom.
But when an instructor dared question some Arab students at a Catholic university,  De Paul, he was quickly fired.  No freedom of expression or academic freedom for him; no paper, not even a Chicago hometown paper, made a major issue of this shameless cave in.
But the blogs noticed.  Well, some blogs anyway.

Eventually, the AP noticed:
But why Thomas Klocek lost his job while other professors under fire for their statements kept theirs has created a buzz among conservative—leaning Internet blogs about free speech rights at campuses across the country.
Yep, those "conservative—leaning Internet blogs," including American Thinker, actually believe freedom of speech applies to conservative leaning folks al they do to Ward Churchill. Where is everyone else? Don't liberal bloggers believe in academic freedom for conservatives? 
Ethel C. Fenig   5 15 05