C-Span's spin


Yes, of course the media have a need to present all sides of an issue——provided the presenters are all responsible.  A serious geography discussion would not offer a forum to a member of the Flat Earth Society; an important panel of economic experts would not include an alchemist revealing his formula for turning dross into gold.
But C—Span, that normally sober and responsible media outlet, recently did the equivalent of the above, carrying fair and balanced to new depths of fair and unbalanced.  Historian Deborah Lipstadt wrote a book about her trial and vindication against a racist and Holocaust denier in England.  Somehow, C—Span decided this individual had to appear with Ms. Lipstadt if they were to fairly interview her about her book.  She rightly declined to be interviewed with her tormenter.
So C—Span interviewed the racist alchemist instead!
The protests to C—Span were many.
Herewith, Ms. Lipstadt tries to restore some balance.
C—Span?  What happened?

Ethel C. Fenig   4 7 05