Cuba arrests dissidents


Cuba remains a tyranny, albeit one excused by many on the American and European left. The latest evidence is the arrest of several prominent dissidents, many of whom were involved in the May rally on which we reported here.

The BBC reports that

at least 20 Cuban dissidents have been detained as part of a crackdown against the country's political opposition.

They are said to include the three main organisers of a public meeting of dissidents which took place in May....

According to relatives of those being held and Cuban opposition sources, Cuban state security agents visited scores of houses across Havana on Friday morning.

The majority of those dissidents that are currently in custody were intending to take part in a protest outside the French embassy.

Some Cuban dissidents are unhappy at what they see as France's particularly soft line on Cuba.

Among those detained are three of President Castro's most outspoken critics — Martha Beatriz Roque, Felix Bonne and Rene Gomez.

Hat tip: Joe Crowley