Dear Cindy


J.D. Pendry has written an open letter to Cindy Sheehan, well worth reading. Authentic voices refuting  her message are important. A highlight:

When I enlisted into the Army, I didn't intend to stay one day more than my three year enlistment. No matter the reason that a man or woman enters the service, what's important is why, in increasing numbers, do they stay? Is it because they think our country is worth dying for? No, Soldiers don't think that way. They believe, deeply, that what our country stands for is worth preserving — worth living and fighting for. They have a strong sense of purpose and a calling to service. They may not enlist for those reasons, but it is why they stay.

It bothers me when I hear Soldiers referred to as boys or kids — those who oppose the military and oppose war for any reasons often do it. It's their attempt to build sympathy for their position. The men and women who, by choice, proudly serve in the uniformed armed services of our country are not anyone's kid. A Soldier's reality vaults "kid" hood rather quickly.