Death wish


Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has caught Dotty Lynch — who is the senior political news editor at CBS News, and thus a shaping force for the entire network's political coverage — imagining something and then reporting it. As Charles puts it, "unbelievable." It certainly is a good thing that she's a professional with all those editorial checks working to ensure the high quality of her professional journalism. Not at all, like us amateurs.

The only plausible explanation I can come up with is that many in the MSM have a death wish, motivated by their own self—loathing, after a lifetime of political cynicism and self—interest—seeking cloaked in a hypocritical fog of idealistic pretense. Why else would people like Dotty Lynch behave in a way certain to bring ridicule upon themselves and upon the pretentious self—kustifications issued in an effort to smear bloggers?

Thomas Lifson  2 19 05