Democrats boo FDR's idea


Duane Freese, writing in Tech Central Station, points out that Democrats who were booing President Bush's SOTU remarks on Social Security were booing FDR's ideas. As several people have pointed out, FDR originally proposed voluntary private accounts.

Freese also draws a conclusion that will become increasing apparent to American voters:

For two decades now, I have wondered what is wrong with the anti—reform Democrats. Why are they so opposed to giving poor and middle income workers a better deal? Why are they against poor and middle income workers accumulating wealth? The only answer I have found is that they think that putting money into people's hands will make more people Republicans. But sticking millions of young Americans with a bad deal won't win them many votes either —— not when those young people figure out that the supposed party of Roosevelt has turned its back on its own principles and on them.


The Democrats are committing suicide before our eyes.


Jack Kemp  2 5 05