Democrats' Ethnic-bash Cubans


You would have thought it went out with the Know—Nothings in the 1850s, but ethnic—bashing is alive and well among Democrats and other leftists in the establishment. They regularly cite 'the Cuban Mafia' as a mantra, completely insulting the Cuban—American community in a way that would do Fidel Castro proud.
On Babalu blog, Cuban—American George Moneo has had about enough of this, and points out that Cuban—Americans are the most successful immigrant group to ever grace America. Democrats envy such people. He also says the Cuban—bashing is closely related to the leftwing orientation of the yahoos who hurl these insults:
We do not kowtow to them and act like victims; we do not like their politics and they know it because we tell them; we vote Republican in large numbers and they hate us for it; when we protest an evil man and his evil regime they call us crazy or they call us the "mafia" as if to imply that poor fidel is the victim and not us, who lost everything to that SOB.

Interesting that the Democrats, who say they represent the poor and the minority, are sliding into buck—toothed white—sheeted Kleaglehood.
A.M. Mora y Leon 05 26 05