Derb speaks for me


I have never liked Star Wars. When the first one opened, I walked out of the theatre completely puzzled about the fuss everyone was making. It was childish and boring. I have never watched another in the series. There are plenty of science fiction films I like  — the brilliant parody Starship Troopers (Heinlein's original novel is even better!) for example — so it isn't hostility to the genre.

John Derbyshire has summed up my feelings nicely:

Star Wars is crap. The whole thing, all of them —— crap, crap, crap. An insult to the intelligence of our kids. Buck Rogers made more sense —— and that's not EVEN to mention Dan Dare, Tom Corbett, Kemlo, and countless other far—more—worthy—to—be—remembered precursors. George Lucas took classic space opera and MESSED IT UP. Verpfuscht! The Empire has no clothes.

Thanks, Derb.

Thomas Lifson   5 17 05