The Democrats' ship is taking on so much water that it is time for desperate tactics. The New York Times editorializes today for allowing felons the right to vote. Since felons are believed to exceed even the 90% margin of blacks in their faithfulness to Democrats, the motivation for this radical alteraion of public policy is not hard to uncover.

What facts does the Times bring to the table, to convince its readership of the wisdom of allowing those who disregard society's most important rules to influence our politics? Mostly an endorsement of the concept by the American Correctional Association. Of course, the Times does not bother to inquire as to the basis of the ACA's endorsement. The ACA represents the interests of correctional officers, a group of unionized public employees, mostly interested in protecting their fat salaries and lavish fringe benefits.

The very first goal of the ACA's Mission Statement includes:

Identify benefits and services that will increase and serve the membership of the American Correctional Association.

In California, the correctional officers' union has become notorious for its huge political donations and pay scales to match. Gee, I wonder why a group of highly paid unionized public employees might want to see more Democrats elected?

Thomas Lifson  2 7 05